Friday, July 24, 2009

Bringing Balance to Life: The Unique and Lasting Benefits of Dance

Written by Ashton Feliciano
Saturday, 18 July 2009

Physicians and psychologists universally agree that it is important for a person to maintain a sense of balance if he or she wants to have a healthy, happy and long life.With this in mind, it is important that a person engage in appropriate activities on a regular basis to ensure that sense of balance is maintained ... not only today but into the future as well.Of course, the media has paid a tremendous amount of attention to issues like maintaining a balanced diet.It goes without saying that if a person eats a healthy and balanced diet, he or she will be on a course for a better life today and into the future.However, when all is said and done, living a balanced life depends upon much more than merely eating the correct food items on a daily basis.If a person really is intent on living a balanced life, that individual needs to involve his or her self in activities and lifestyle choices that will ensure life balance on the physical, mental and emotional level.(Of course, some argue that a spiritual element also is important when it comes to creating, developing and maintaining a sense of balance in life.However, for the purposes of this article, the focus will be maintained on what needs to occur physically, mentally and emotionally to ensure balance in life not only today but into the future.Four of the primary, foundational elements of a successfully balance life are:Regular exercise * Healthy diet * Proper emotional release * Self esteem enhancementWhen it comes to regular exercise, nothing is as comprehensive as dancing.Fitness experts all concur that a solid fitness program must include aerobic exercise, strength training and stretching.These three types of exercise can be found in dancing.Moreover, beyond dancing being a comprehensive form of exercise, it is also completely enjoyable.Therefore, unlike other types of exercise programs or plans, people remain committed to a dance based fitness regime because it is so enjoyable and entertaining.Another of the foundational elements of a successfully balanced life is a proper diet.While the act of dancing in and of itself may seem unrelated to a healthy diet, the fact is that in order for a person to fully participate in dancing he or she must maintain a healthy diet.One of the net effects of engaging in a dance program is that normally a person naturally will be inclined to enjoy a healthy diet as well.A truly balanced life also depends upon a person's ability to experience and appropriate, consistent and adequate means for emotional release.Once again, research has revealed that dancing is ideal when it comes to providing a meaningful and direct means through which a person properly can enjoy an adequate and satisfying emotional release.Finally, a balanced life is one in which an individual has a solid level of self esteem.The reality is that through dancing a person will find that his or her sense of self worth, confidence and achievement increase on a continually basis.Therefore, dancing can be fundamental in aiding and in assisting a person to enhance his or her own sense of self esteem.

Ashton A. Valente-Feliciano MBAWe all give and receive gifts in our lives for reason or another. Some gifts are thoughtful, some for occasions, and others are out of kindness.Make the next time a gift that really does keep on giving. A Gift that leaves a lasting impression…Dance…create yourself!

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