Monday, April 8, 2013


Naomi and I are old friends. We met through her husband Thomas. Thomas was looking for a personal trainer to surprise his wife. He was planning to take her to Paris. So we started training, everything was going absolutely great.  Then one day I learned that Naomi was pregnant. We continued with pregnancy training but stopped training for the goal of losing weight.   Now she has 2 daughters and I had a son and we both need to lose our post pregnancy weight. 

Naomi and I both are new mothers. We are coming from very similar cultures and eating habits. This is a great chance we now have, so that we can start reducing post pregnancy weight together. We are very motivated.

First, Naomi and I met at a health store and we bought couple of things. Here is the things we need for this journey:

Flex seeds
Fiber Supplement
Omega 3 
Multi Vitamin
Organic Yoghurt
Organic Fruit and vegetables
Wild Caught Salmon, Cod, Sole etc
Grass Fed Beef
Organic Eggs
Distilled Water 
Walnuts, Hazelnuts, Pistachio

We prepared one week food, starting from Sunday, and put them in containers so we don't have to worry about cooking during the day. 

Here is the week goals:

Eating only 3 meals a day maybe one healthy snack 
Not eating after 6 pm
Drinking minimum 2 litre s water
Taking enough fiber 
Limiting the consume carbs
Not eating any kind of sugar and fruits with high sugar contest
Minimum 5 workout a week including cardio, weight training and explosive exercises. 
Eating enough protein with every meal 
Not feeling hungry after 3-4 hours eating the meals
Being consistence and positive

We would love to thank you whomever reading this post now. Also I would love to thank my husband Tim and my son Jackson and my friend Alice who are always encouraging me. Also, thanks to my friend Naomi and her husband Thomas and their beautiful daughters Yasmeen and Talia....

Nevrize Aydogan O'Brien 

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