Friday, April 12, 2013


If you want to change your life style, be healthier, loose weight or start an exercise regime who is holding you? It's you vs you. But I do understand how hard it is to take that first step.. I know how hard is when you want to change but don't know how.. I should say when it comes to loose weight it is not easy to start but once you start it is really a great journey. Shaping your body and looking at the mirror and seeing the result is absolutely priceless.

Here is some ideas
1) Find a motivation
My reason is I am going to Turkey to see my family and friends

2) Set short term goals to reach so you can gradually reach the higher goals
I have one month until my Turkey trip so a month for me was my short term period

3) Set realistic goals
Can't expect loosing 50 lbs in a month but 8/10 lbs can

4)Be prepared
The good food should be available when you need it so you won't starve middle of the afternoon
That is why I prepared my entire weekly food from last Sunday and put them in a container, ready to eat.

5) Water! Water!
Our Muscles are made of up of approximately %75 water
Especially first thing when I wake up, I drink 2 glass of water on empty stomach and during the day

6) Do your exercises
You can not have the perfect body that you dream of by doing endless cardios. So Lift weights and do high intensity training.
I do regular cardio and started crossfit with my friend Naomi. She make me accountable and I make her..

Thursday, April 11, 2013



Don't eat after 6pm
Prepare your weekly food from Saturday or Sunday
Drink lots of water during the day
Take daily multi vitamin, Omega3 and Fiber
4 hours between meals, if you are getting quickly hungary after you eat this mean you are not eating the right way and food.
No sugar, no white, no high sugary fruits
Eat nut's as a healthy fat
Use olive oil
Eat vegetables but not over do it
3 meals a day maybe one snack
EXERCISE DURING THE WEEK ( for people who are already doing some exercises)
PS You can ask me if you are a  begginer..

Monday Explosive
Tuesday Cardio
Wednesday Rest
Thursday Cardio
Friday Explosive
Saturday Weights
Sunday Rest

Here is my day so far :
I woke up a late because J is teething an he didn't go to bad early so we woke up at 9 am
9 am woke up and 2 glass of water on empty stomach
9:30 breakfast
12 a glass of water and a hand full of almonds
1 pm 1 hour cardio
2:15 lunch
4pm snack (a tangerine)
6pm dinner ( I was out and didn't have time to go home so I got a lunch box from starbucks regarding them it is only 260 cal but I don't think so)

It was a good day, my body feels great I think I am really doing good. Tomorrow Naomi and I are going to crossfit I am extremely excited. I LOVE WHEN MY MUSCLES GET SORE:)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I  am very happy right now! I took my son Jackson to the swimming pool at the Y and I weight my self. With my boots and clothes on I am 146 and a half lbs. This is amazing!! This means plan is working.. I know I have way more way to go but I am happy right now:)

Here is today's info:

8:30 am woke up 2 glass of water on empty stomach
9:00 am Breakfast, multi vitamins
12:30 a handful of walnuts, glass of water
1:00pm cobb salad with avocado ( I was out so I ordered the salad but told them to hold the salad dressing and added a little olive oil and lemon as a dressing. Also I didn't finished the whole salad)
3pm one a handful of almonds, a glass of water
5pm decaf Latte no sugar
6:30pm dinner, a glass of water

 I am planning to do one hr cardio on my elliptical..

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Day 2 was a little rough but I did it!!!

8am wake up 2 glass of water on empty stomach
8:30am breakfast
11am 1 hr cardio on my elliptical machine
12:30 lunch
2pm snack a handful of almonds
5pm 2 little tangerine and a handful snap peas
6:30pm dinner


My name is Nevrize. I have been always in good shape, until my pregnancy surprised me with the gift of an extra 35 pounds.  Having a degree in Physical education and being a personal trainer should help me right away, right? Well wait a minute, it is not easy after a c section and gaining all that weight in such a short period of time.  I can hear my clients cheering me as I once yelled at them. "100 more crunches! 50 more squat jumps! 100 more crunches! 2 more minute planks!", and the list goes on. I owe this challenge to you and so I am dedicating (if successful) my success to you... We will see who will win. But I am a tough cookie, so the battle is on.

Here is some info about my weight:
Before my pregnancy: 129-133
When I was 9 months pregnant: 174
After I delivered my son: 154
Goal weight:130-135

The thing they don't tell you is after you deliver your baby, you think you would leave your pregnancy weight in the hospital and would fit in the jeans you used to wear. They don't tell you that you have to eat extra to produce milk if you are breastfeeding. That you will get stretch marks and you find yourself crying at every little sad news...or homeless person or cat or a dog or a baby. You will leak milk from your breasts and forget about going to the gym. Who would run in this condition?

Today was my first day for eating clean and exercising. Here we go:
8 am wake up 2 glass of water on empty stomach
8:30 Breakfast, multivitamin
11:45 one hand full of walnuts
12 noon 30 min. cardio on my elliptical
1pm lunch
5:30 pm dinner
7 pm cross fit

Monday, April 8, 2013


Naomi and I are old friends. We met through her husband Thomas. Thomas was looking for a personal trainer to surprise his wife. He was planning to take her to Paris. So we started training, everything was going absolutely great.  Then one day I learned that Naomi was pregnant. We continued with pregnancy training but stopped training for the goal of losing weight.   Now she has 2 daughters and I had a son and we both need to lose our post pregnancy weight. 

Naomi and I both are new mothers. We are coming from very similar cultures and eating habits. This is a great chance we now have, so that we can start reducing post pregnancy weight together. We are very motivated.

First, Naomi and I met at a health store and we bought couple of things. Here is the things we need for this journey:

Flex seeds
Fiber Supplement
Omega 3 
Multi Vitamin
Organic Yoghurt
Organic Fruit and vegetables
Wild Caught Salmon, Cod, Sole etc
Grass Fed Beef
Organic Eggs
Distilled Water 
Walnuts, Hazelnuts, Pistachio

We prepared one week food, starting from Sunday, and put them in containers so we don't have to worry about cooking during the day. 

Here is the week goals:

Eating only 3 meals a day maybe one healthy snack 
Not eating after 6 pm
Drinking minimum 2 litre s water
Taking enough fiber 
Limiting the consume carbs
Not eating any kind of sugar and fruits with high sugar contest
Minimum 5 workout a week including cardio, weight training and explosive exercises. 
Eating enough protein with every meal 
Not feeling hungry after 3-4 hours eating the meals
Being consistence and positive

We would love to thank you whomever reading this post now. Also I would love to thank my husband Tim and my son Jackson and my friend Alice who are always encouraging me. Also, thanks to my friend Naomi and her husband Thomas and their beautiful daughters Yasmeen and Talia....

Nevrize Aydogan O'Brien