Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I  am very happy right now! I took my son Jackson to the swimming pool at the Y and I weight my self. With my boots and clothes on I am 146 and a half lbs. This is amazing!! This means plan is working.. I know I have way more way to go but I am happy right now:)

Here is today's info:

8:30 am woke up 2 glass of water on empty stomach
9:00 am Breakfast, multi vitamins
12:30 a handful of walnuts, glass of water
1:00pm cobb salad with avocado ( I was out so I ordered the salad but told them to hold the salad dressing and added a little olive oil and lemon as a dressing. Also I didn't finished the whole salad)
3pm one a handful of almonds, a glass of water
5pm decaf Latte no sugar
6:30pm dinner, a glass of water

 I am planning to do one hr cardio on my elliptical..

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  1. Hi Nev! I am cheering you on! I will have another baby in 9 weeks, do i will need to lose weight too. I will keep reading so keep putting your links up on fb!