Tuesday, April 9, 2013


My name is Nevrize. I have been always in good shape, until my pregnancy surprised me with the gift of an extra 35 pounds.  Having a degree in Physical education and being a personal trainer should help me right away, right? Well wait a minute, it is not easy after a c section and gaining all that weight in such a short period of time.  I can hear my clients cheering me as I once yelled at them. "100 more crunches! 50 more squat jumps! 100 more crunches! 2 more minute planks!", and the list goes on. I owe this challenge to you and so I am dedicating (if successful) my success to you... We will see who will win. But I am a tough cookie, so the battle is on.

Here is some info about my weight:
Before my pregnancy: 129-133
When I was 9 months pregnant: 174
After I delivered my son: 154
Goal weight:130-135

The thing they don't tell you is after you deliver your baby, you think you would leave your pregnancy weight in the hospital and would fit in the jeans you used to wear. They don't tell you that you have to eat extra to produce milk if you are breastfeeding. That you will get stretch marks and you find yourself crying at every little sad news...or homeless person or cat or a dog or a baby. You will leak milk from your breasts and forget about going to the gym. Who would run in this condition?

Today was my first day for eating clean and exercising. Here we go:
8 am wake up 2 glass of water on empty stomach
8:30 Breakfast, multivitamin
11:45 one hand full of walnuts
12 noon 30 min. cardio on my elliptical
1pm lunch
5:30 pm dinner
7 pm cross fit

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