Thursday, April 11, 2013



Don't eat after 6pm
Prepare your weekly food from Saturday or Sunday
Drink lots of water during the day
Take daily multi vitamin, Omega3 and Fiber
4 hours between meals, if you are getting quickly hungary after you eat this mean you are not eating the right way and food.
No sugar, no white, no high sugary fruits
Eat nut's as a healthy fat
Use olive oil
Eat vegetables but not over do it
3 meals a day maybe one snack
EXERCISE DURING THE WEEK ( for people who are already doing some exercises)
PS You can ask me if you are a  begginer..

Monday Explosive
Tuesday Cardio
Wednesday Rest
Thursday Cardio
Friday Explosive
Saturday Weights
Sunday Rest

Here is my day so far :
I woke up a late because J is teething an he didn't go to bad early so we woke up at 9 am
9 am woke up and 2 glass of water on empty stomach
9:30 breakfast
12 a glass of water and a hand full of almonds
1 pm 1 hour cardio
2:15 lunch
4pm snack (a tangerine)
6pm dinner ( I was out and didn't have time to go home so I got a lunch box from starbucks regarding them it is only 260 cal but I don't think so)

It was a good day, my body feels great I think I am really doing good. Tomorrow Naomi and I are going to crossfit I am extremely excited. I LOVE WHEN MY MUSCLES GET SORE:)

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